5 Common Problems Caused by Clogged Gutters

Gutters are at the center of your water drainage system, so when they clog, the flow of water immediately halts and accumulates in undesirable places. If you have broken or clogged gutters, you need to know what you could be up against. Explore these five common problems caused by clogged gutters.

Foundation Decay

The first and most pressing concern that clogged gutters cause is foundation erosion. The primary purpose of gutters is to funnel rainwater away from vital structural elements like your home’s foundation. When water pools around the foundation, it will erode, crack, and settle, causing worry about further damage.

Wall and Ceiling Damage

Gutters live at the top of your home, beneath your roof and above your walls, nailed to your fascia. Clogged gutters will quickly lead to wall and ceiling damage if pooled water accumulates and overflows onto these exposed wooden areas. Rot, mold, and mildew can grow in these dark, damp spaces, creating a costly situation.

Basement Flooding

Water pools often seep into the basement, flooding spaces that would otherwise be safe with proper water drainage flow. Basement flooding is a complex problem since runoff may continuously cause it to flood. But if you have a remodeled basement, you may experience even costlier problems with flooding.

Landscape Erosion

You spend time and money cultivating your yard; don’t let clogged gutters erode your manicured landscape. When water falls off your roof and around your yard, it will pool and flow in unpredictable ways. The torrents will tear through your grass and flowerbeds, indiscriminately destroying your flowers, plants, and landscaping.

Insect Infestation

Insects breed in and near stagnant water, making the most of the undisrupted area. Clogged gutters create mini pools in your gutters up high where mosquitos fly, giving them a safe, smelly nest to lay their larvae. Once those insects grow up, they can burrow their way into your home and cause new problems.

Understanding these five common problems caused by clogged gutters and why they happen is vital for every homeowner. Though you may not have these issues yet, you must stay vigilant. If you notice clogged gutters in your home, reach out to our professionals at Gutter Maid today. With our gutter cleaning service, we can help you fix up your home exterior in no time.

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