How Long Does It Take To Replace Gutters?

As a homeowner or property manager, you know the centrality of properly functioning residential systems. Your water drainage system hinges on the success and stability of your gutters. If you have problems with your gutters, you must replace them before they allow further damage to your home’s structure. But exactly how long does it take to replace gutters?

The Amount Needing Replacement

Replacement time directly correlates with your roof perimeter size and dimension. The amount of gutter you need to replace dictates how long it will take a professional to remove your old gutters and install new ones. The more material you need, the longer it will take to haul and install. Furthermore, the number of corners and angles will increase your overall time. Straightaways are easier to put together, but corners require unique pieces and extra attention to detail.

The Weather and Other External Factors

Unfortunately, the weather is not kind to outdoor repair projects. Continuous pouring rain will slow down gutter replacement operations, especially because gutters collect and funnel rainwater every time precipitation falls.

Another scenario you should anticipate is the likelihood that other problems exist in your fascia and roofing that only gutter removal and replacement will unveil. You could have rotted fascia boards or cracked roofing tiles that allow moisture to seep into your attic and walls. These revelations could add significant time to your gutter repair since these problems likely need solving before you can nail in new gutters.

The Experience Level and Quality of the Installer

Installing your gutters on your own will take significantly longer than a trained professional who repairs and installs these systems for a living. Should you prefer project expediency, a contractor is the best way to go. However, not all gutter installers are the same, and some have far less experience than others. Explore our gutter installation and replacement services at Gutter Maid and see our lengthy track record of swift, high-quality gutter repairs by our expert team.

So, with all these factors in mind, how long does it take to replace gutters? You can expect that gutter installation process to last between one and five hours. If you have a complex and lengthy gutter system, it could take more time, but typically no longer than one day. The best gutter repair services know how to balance speed with quality, so it’s okay if an installation spans two days. Reach out to our team at Gutter Maid today for an estimate.

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