How To Keep Your House Warm As Weather Cools

As the long days of summer turn into the cooler, shorter days that signal fall, you may be thinking about the tasks you should take to winterize your house. While you are preparing your home for the colder months ahead, add these projects to your list to keep your home warm. Not only will you feel better during the cooler months, but you might also save some money on heating bills as well.

Programmable Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat is worth the investment, especially once the weather cools down, because it will keep your energy and heating bill low while keeping your heating efficiency high. It is recommended that you keep your home at 68 degrees Fahrenheit during the morning (6 to 9am) and after you would typically get home in the evening (5:30 to 11pm). If you leave the house during the day, you can set your thermostat for 60 degrees as your home doesn’t need to be warm when there is no one inside. Likewise, pros suggest setting the thermostat for 60 degrees while you are sleeping. One added bonus is that research has shown keeping your room cool at night promotes better sleep and may increase your metabolism! Many programmable thermostats can even be controlled from an app on your phone.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are great at moving air around the room to help you feel more comfortable. In the winter, make sure to flip the switch on your ceiling fan to reverse direction. This will push down the warm air that naturally rises upward while pulling the cooler air toward the ceiling and away from you.

Change Out Your Screens

To keep your home better insulated during the winter, swap out summer screens for storm screens on your windows and doors. If you use window A/C units, make sure to remove them before cooler winter weather sets in. If you leave them in over the winter, install an insulating wrap to cover the exterior of your unit.

Keep Your Curtains Closed At Night

As soon as the sun goes down, it’s important to close the curtains of your windows to trap any warm air inside your home from escaping through the windows (of course, you want to make sure your windows are properly sealed as well). If you live in a particularly cold area, you might even think about investing in insulated curtains for winter use to maintain a barrier between the warmth inside and the cold outside.

Make Sure Your Furniture Isn’t Blocking Your Vents

If you have placed any pieces of furniture in front of or over heating vents when you moved in or rearranged your space, you could be obstructing heat from getting into your rooms and properly warming your home. If there is no other way to arrange your furniture for better heat flow, perhaps think about moving a piece or two just for the winter.

If you have any questions about how keeping up with your roof and gutter maintenance can help keep your home warm in the fall and winter, reach out to the pros at Ned Stevens who will set you up with a home inspection and free quote today!

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